JS18 Super Lawn

JS18 Super Lawn

JS18 Superlawn – Even Better Quality! This mixture can be utilised just about anywhere. Due to the inclusion of FANCY & ESQUIRE, two of the finest leafed and densest perennial ryegrasses ever, also well rated for wear tolerance. Accompanying these are two red fescues, to provide a dense base to the sward. Now you can have the best of both worlds – very fine texture and a high degree of durability. Superlawn will accept mowing down to a minimum 8mm in lawn situations and has good disease resistance.


About JS18 Super Lawn


Uses: Ultra Quality Lawns, Tennis Courts, Golf Tees, Golf Fairways, Outfields, Summer Sports, New Cricket Tables up to County standard.

Sowing rate: 35g/m2 to 50 g/m2.

Mowing Height: Down to 8mm

Overseeding: Use JS3 at 25g/m2.

Specification: 30% ESQUIRE perennial ryegrass
25% FANCY Perennial ryegrass
30% CALLIOPE Chewings fescue
15% SAMANTA Slender creeping red fescue.

This mix has it all, durability, hard wearing, fast to establish all while being very visually appealing. All of the grasses selected for this prestigious mix have a good disease resistance. This mix produces a tight sward with fine dense leaves giving an attractive looking lawn. Being able to withstand being mown down to 8mm this seed mix is suitable for golf tees through to home lawns. The fescues included knit together to create not only a tight sward but a strong and dense root system in turn increasing the durability of the lawn. One of best sellers as it can withstand heavy traffic without compromising on looks and class.

For more information or to buy in bulk please call 01531 825 299 or email sales@jubileeseeds.co.uk.


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