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Clover Lawn Seed JS11

Clover Lawn Seed JS11

JS11 Clover Lawn – Our clover lawn has several interesting benefits as an alternative lawn type. It provides a different yet very attractive look however it is not best for lawns which receive high traffic. Hypoallergenic for people with allergies to grass therefore more time can be spent in the garden. Drought resistant and deep rooting therefore stays green all summer with reduced watering. Can leave to bloom and attract bees/pollinators – or mow to keep bees away. Low maintenance, no sprays or fertiliser required.

If mixed with grass seed the clover provides natural fertiliser for the grass to flourish, JS11A Clover Lawn includes grass

Minimum Order 2kg

£15.00 KG

About Clover Lawn Seed JS11


Sowing Rate: 20g/m2
Specification: 100% Micro White Clover

An attractive alternative to ‘normal’ grass lawns. The hypoallergenic lawn, clover lawns are especially beneficial to people that have allergies to grass. As a legume there is no pollen present, unless the lawn is allowed to flower. A 100% clover lawn means that allergy sufferers can spend more time out in the garden. Clover Lawns require very little maintenance. No fertilisers or fungicides are needed as clover is a very resilient legume capable of withstanding long periods of drought and has a high disease resistance. Deep roots also means the lawn requires less summer watering as they can reach deeper sources of water over ‘normal’ grass species. However unlike ‘normal’ grass, this deep rooted system doesn’t increase a clover lawns wear ability. Clover lawns are best suited to lawns that receive little traffic. As a legume the stems aren’t as resilient and don’t bounce back as well as grass species.

An additional feature of clover lawn is it can be left to flower, bees are very attracted to these flowers as are other pollinators. You don’t have to leave your lawn to flower it can be mowed to prevent the flowers from developing. JS11 Clover Lawn can also be mixed with grass seed. The clover acts as a natural fertiliser allowing the grass seed to flourish.

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Minimum Order 2kg


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