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Wildflower Turf Brings Biodiversity

Roll Out a Vibrant Wildflower Meadow

Our newest trend-setting product is taking the market by storm – 100% plastic free, natural and species-rich wildflower turf.

It’s never been easier to lay out an abundant instant wildflower meadow packed with native grasses and brilliant wildflowers. Cover a corner, a strip or a whole acreage – no matter how big you make your wildflower sanctuary the bees, butterflies, birds and a host of other creatures will be grateful, and you’ll have a little bit of informal natural paradise on your property.

Wildflower turf benefits biodiversity and also brings a new dimension to your garden or any outside space. A wild patch of UK native wildflowers along the edge of a formal manicured lawn, or even right in the middle of it, makes for an eye-catching feature that not only makes an impact but sends out the message that you care about the environment and are keen to attract pollinators and other insects to enrich your outside space.

Bespoke Wildlife Turf Mixes

We have wildlife turf available, ready to lay, which contains a variety of plants, or if you contact us to discuss your requirements we can grow bespoke wildflower turf which includes the flowers of your choice.

Wildflower turf is extremely low maintenance – easy to lay on just about any soil type, preferably in a sunny area.

All you do is order the quantity you require and lay it just as you would lay lawn turf – that is to say on a level, weed-free surface that has been rotavated and raked, then left fallow for awhile.
Once laid water the turf thoroughly and keep it damp until it is established, which takes between two and four weeks.

You can mow or cut down your wildflower meadow in the late autumn after seedheads have set so that light can penetrate the sward during the dim days of winter, leaving the flowers in top condition for bursting into blossom when spring comes around again.

Colour and Life

Wildflower turf has become the favoured way of creating a wildflower meadow on your property simply because it is quicker and easier than creating a wildflower oasis with seeds.

Once laid on a well-prepared weed-free surface the turf establishes quickly, the roots creating a sealed environment with a blanket that resists the germination of unwanted invasive weeds like nettles, docks and thistles.

To bring colour and life to your grounds or garden just speak to us to place an order and we’ll deliver your wildflower turf ready to lay to anywhere in the UK. Turf should be laid as soon as possible after delivery (within 24 hours preferably) – if you have to keep it for longer then unroll it and keep it watered. Any wildflowers that have been flattened in transit will soon perk up.