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Enhance Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) by Planting Seeds

The Best Way to Cost-Effectively Assure Measurable BNG

We’re living in exciting times for land management pertaining to development. It is no longer possible to get planning permission for any development unless you can prove it complies with the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) policy.

BNG requires that to meet the planning regulations any development site will need to end up with a 10% gain in biodiversity. In other words, the land involved in a development must be left supporting a wider range of plants and wildlife – including pollinators, birds, mammals and insects – than it did before the developer moved in. If you develop a site you have to ensure it ends up with a healthy ecosystem.

Here at Jubilee we have extensive experience with this and have been working with BNG projects over the last few years. From Wildflower supply to bespoke mixture design and helping with establishment.

We’re delighted to be able to provide customers all over the UK with the means to cost-effectively assure measurable Biodiversity Net Gain on a wide variety of sites. There’s no better way to protect and improve our biodiversity and deliver wildlife habitats than to sow seed to establish grassland and wildflower meadows.

Get in touch, to find out how Jubilee Seeds can help you with your BNG project.

Wild Grasses & Wildflower Seed Blends

Our special mixes of grass seed for various landscaping situations and our pollinator-friendly, pretty wildflower meadow mixes are perfect for improving BNG and the environment as a whole. We can also mix bespoke seed combinations for your BNG project on request.

We’ve got the seeds to plant and grow to enable your grounds or landscape to meet – and even exceed – the DEFRA biodiversity metrics that are required to comply with BNG planning policy, such as the type and quality of habitats, the number of species present and the abundance of those species.

You can buy BNG-friendly seed mixes here online, or contact us if you need to buy seed in bulk and negotiate a special rate. We can deliver seed orders to anywhere in the UK, and our experts have plenty of advice available about what to plant to increase the overall biodiversity value of your particular development site.

Whether you are creating new habitats for wildlife, enhancing existing habitats or seeking BNG credits Jubilee Seeds’ quality mixes will deliver a natural, easy to establish solution consisting of native wild grasses or wildflowers, or a blend of both.

Get in touch, to find out how Jubilee Seeds can help you with your BNG project.

Wildflower Turf – an Instant BNG Solution

We welcome BNG as a significant step forward in the protection of biodiversity in the UK, and are glad to be able to help implement this crucial policy by supplying the ground cover that will provide the ideal habitat for everything from butterflies to small mammals.

It is encouraging to know that our seed mixes can be responsible for ensuring that future developments make a big impact on the environment in the right way by creating meadows and grasslands where wildlife and insects can thrive. It also improves the quality of life for us all, and mitigates the effects of climate change.

We also have high quality wildflower turf available, containing a rich selection of wildflowers and low maintenance fine grasses, for an instant, simple BNG solution.

Please see our Advice Centre for all sorts of useful information, such as how to calculate the quantity of seed/turf you need to cover a particular area, how to lay turf and how to sow wildflower seed blends or grass seed.

Get in touch, to find out how Jubilee Seeds can help you with your BNG project.