Yellow Rattle Seeds

Yellow Rattle Seeds

Also known as Rhinanthus Minor, Yellow rattle is an annual flower producing yellow flowers from June to September.
Distinguished by the rattling sound of the seeds in the pods as you brush past them. Perfect for meadows and dry fields. Plant in full sun or partial shade depending on your meadow.
Reaching heights of 25-50cm enables them to add layers and depth to where they are planted.
Sow in Autumn.


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About Yellow Rattle Seeds


A small yet striking yellow flower growing up to 50cm in height. Can be planted in meadows and dry fields, anywhere with dry, sandy soils. Sow in Autumn for flowers the following year. Flower from June through to September. Approximately 300 seeds in 1g. All wildflower mixes benefit the environment and the wider ecosystem. These flowers are beneficial to a vast variety of wildlife. Specifically they will attract bees as they are a good nectar source, bees including the Buff-tailed Bumblebee, Red-tailed Bumblebee and the White tailed Bumblebee are just some of the species you can expect to see. Also known as Rhinanthus Minor.

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