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When you don’t have the time or patience to wait for grass to grow, Jubilee Seeds has a quick and easy option that will give you the instant delight of a mature lawn underfoot – whether it’s in your back garden or covering a bowling green.

Turfing is the perfect way to lay lawn in a new or renovated garden, or to get the game underway as soon as possible when a sports field is looking the worse for wear.

Jubilee Seeds and Turf grow a range of different instant lawn turfs types to suit all landscaping purposes, situations and budgets, sourced from members of the Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA), with quality assured.

We regularly supply turf to private customers as well as contractors, garden centres, commercial organisations, government entities and sports clubs who are confident that they receive superior turf when they order turf from us.

The different types of lawn turf we supply are explained in more detail in the product descriptions below, each made up of a mix of grass cultivars with properties to suit diverse applications.

Choose from the likes of a medium-textured low maintenance shade grass; the popular Greenscape turf which is ideal for general lawns; or the finely textured, visually beautiful Fescue turf that graces luxury lawns, bowling greens or golf fairways.

This medium textured low maintenance turf is grown using grass cultivars which flourish in a shaded environment, so as its name suggests is perfect for shaded gardens, which can often be a challenge for gardeners.

This is our most popular grade of turf and is suitable for general lawn use and amenity landscaping. An extremely hard wearing turf, it has a medium texture, will root quickly once laid and will keep its colour all year round.

This specialist turf is designed for use in ornamental gardens and prestigious landscaping projects, golf or bowling greens. It is only suitable for experienced landscapers and gardeners who are able to give it the specialist attention it requires.

We also supply turf for low budget schemes and general contract work is also available. We can provide a laying service on request.

To order turf please call us on 01531 825 299 or email We deliver turf in rolls of different widths and lengths, direct to any address in the UK. See our online advice centre for help with laying turf and caring for new lawns.

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  • JT1 Shade Turf

  • JT2 Greenscape

  • JT3 Lawnscape

  • JT4 Bargold with Rye

  • JT5 Fescue

  • JT6 Greens

  • JT8 Sports Greenscape