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UK Native Clay Soils Mixture

UK Native Clay Soils Mixture

A mix of 19 native wildflower species and 6 species of grass. Composed of species that are more adapted to growing on soils with a high clay content. Clay soils are generally mildly acid to neutral in PH. Prone to waterlogging therefore sticky and heavy when wet, in comparison to hard and crumbly when dry. Equally will grow in most soil types. The grass species are specially selected to not out compete the flowers allowing them to flourish. Provides an array of colours attracting wildlife and brightening up any area where planted. A varied selection of yellows and whites included other complementary colours. Poppies are included so that flowers can be seen in the first year and will come back year on year once established as well as the perennials. The mixture of flowers and grasses in this mix provide a pleasing mix of height and colour. The flowers will appear between May and August. When sowing your seeds it is best to spread on to bare soil, do not add any soil improvements as this is not necessary for wildflowers. The sowing rates will depend on what mixture you are planting, 100% wildflower is sown at 2g/m2 and the 80:20 mix is spread at 4g/m2. These mixes can be added to existing grass land as long as there is no perennial rye grass present as this will over power any flowers. All of our native seeds are grown and produced by ourselves or our trusted suppliers across the UK ensuring we only supply responsibly sourced UK wildflower. See our advice centre for establishment and maintenance advice.


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About UK Native Clay Soils Mixture


1% ROUGH HAWKBIT leontodon – Yellow – 10-40cm
1% BETONY stachys officinalis -White – 90cm
1% DEVILSBIT SCABIOUS succisa pratensis – Purple/Blue – 30-60cm
1.5% COWSLIP primula veris – Yellow – 25cm
2% MEADOW VETCHLING lathyrus pratensis – Yellow – 20-60cm
2% RAGGED ROBIN lychnis flos-cuculi -Pink – 30-90cm
2% TUFTED VETCH vicia cracca – Purple – 15-30cm
2.5% FIELD SCABIOUS knautia arvensis – Pink/Purple – 75-100cm
3% WILD RED CLOVER trifolium pratense – Purple – 15-30cm
4% YARROW achillea millefolium – White – 30-100cm
5% BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL lotus corniculatus – yellow – 30-75cm
6% RIBWORT PLANTAIN plantago lanceolata – Brown & White – 10-50cm
8% LADYS BEDSTRAW galium verum – Yellow – 30cm
8% OXEYE DAISY leucanthemum vulgare – Yellow & White – 60cm
10% SELF HEAL prunella vulgaris – Purple – 20-30cm
10% YELLOW RATTLE rhinanthus minor – yellow – 15-50cm
10% COMMON SORREL rumen acetosa – Red – 75-100cm
11% COMMON KNAPWEED centaurea nigra –Purple – 100
12% MEADOW BUTTERCUP ranunculus acris – Yellow – 30-90cm

5% COMMON BENT agrostis capillaris
15% CRESTED DOGSTAIL cynosurus cristatus
20% SHEEPS FESCUE festuca ovina
20% SLENDER CREEPING RED FESUE festuca rubra ssp. litoralis
20% STRONG CREEPING RED FESCUE festuca rubra ssp. rubra

All wildflower mixes benefit the environment and the wider ecosystem. The grasses and flowers in this mix are beneficial to a vast variety of wildlife. Specifically they will attract Oedemana Nobilis (a flower beetle), Humming Bird Hawk Moth, various bees and Clouded Yellow butterflies are some of the species you can expect to see.

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