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Grass Seed for Lawns & Landscaping

The green carpet of a lawn is important to all our lives – whether we have one or not. We picnic, play, run and romp on lawns. We fertilise, aerate and mow them to keep them looking good. But the secret to a good lawn – no matter what it’s purpose – is to choose the right seed mixture to suit the location, environment and use of the lawn.
Jubilee Seeds are leading UK suppliers of grass seed for lawns and landscaping. There’s nothing we don’t know about planting and growing luscious lawns, and you can buy all the grass seed you need right here online.

Browse through this category which features different combinations of seed mixed together in carefully tried and tested formulas to produce grass that is specially designed for different lawn requirements. Each product featured in this category has a description of the grass and its seed constituents with specifications for use.

Take your pick from grass seed mixes like the combination of Calliope Chewings fescue, Smirna Slender creeping red fescue, Maxima Strong creeping red fescue and Highland Browntop bent grass which makes up our Ornamental Grass Seed for a lush, fine, dense lawn; or our Special Hardwearing mix of different perennial ryegrasses for areas with a lot of foot traffic.

For long, hot summers you could opt for Super Drought – a mix of smooth stalked meadow grass with tall fescue which grows deep roots to see it through dry periods. By contrast we also have grass seed mix especially for shady lawns, and for those in a hurry our Jubilee Rapid mix will germinate in as little as 4 days.
Perhaps you are keen to join in the trend for returning to the environmentally clover lawns of old, which naturally keep weeds at bay, attract wildlife and fortify the soil.
Whatever your choice, Jubilee Seeds will fill your order for as much seed as you need (special rates if you buy in bulk). You can order here online for delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Showing all 15 results

  • JS11A Clover Lawn

    £13.49 KG
  • JT1 Shade Turf

  • Jubilee Family Lawn

    £10.99 KG
  • JS18 Super Lawn Grass Seed

    £12.99 KG
  • JS16 Supershade Grass Seed

    £14.99 KG
  • watering a new lawn

    JS10 Super Drought

    £12.55 KG
  • Jubilee RAPID

    £10.35 KG
  • JS Special Hardwearing Grass Seed Mixture

    £11.75 KG
  • JS5 Ornamental Grass Seed

    £11.99 KG
  • JS7 Lawn Repair Grass Seed

    £10.75 KG
  • JS3 Prestige Grass Seed

    £11.65 KG
  • clover lawn seed

    Clover Lawn Seed JS11

    £21.99 KG
  • JS1 Shady Grass Seed

    £12.75 KG
  • JS12 Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture

    £11.35 KG
  • JS2 Utility Grass Seed

    £10.99 KG