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Grass Seeds Online & Lawn Seeds Online – Jubilee Seeds 

Jubilee Seeds offers a range of grass seed mixtures made up of different types and varieties of grass seeds, suitable for establishing grassed areas that will flourish in local conditions in diverse areas across the UK.

Our different seed mixtures have been expertly formulated to enable the creation of a perfect green swathe for a multitude of specific purposes, whether it be a garden lawn, public parkland, cricket pitch or golf course.

All our grass seeds are carefully selected from the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPG) list, which means they have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. We professionally blend this excellent grass seed stock into the special seed mixtures we have developed through expertise and experience to provide superb results for a new planting, or for improving an existing lawn.

We supply grass seed to trade and private customers, offering a selection of prepared seed mixtures available to order safely and securely online for quick delivery to anywhere in the UK. You will find that each of the product listings featured below contains information about sowing, growing and maintaining each grass seed blend.

Choose from hardwearing grass for high traffic areas; salt and wind tolerant maritime grass; fine, dense ornamental lawn grass; special grasses which grow happily in shady areas with poor soil – and many more.

We work with contractors, garden centres, commercial organisations, government entities and sports clubs to develop bespoke grass seed mixes for unique applications, and are always happy to oblige customers, on request, by developing and blending a grass seed mixture tailored to your needs.

For bespoke grass seed requirements contact us by telephone on 01531 825299, email or use the contact form on our website and we’ll be delighted to help.

Showing all 35 results

  • JS11A Clover Lawn

    £13.49 KG
  • JS17 Water Meadow Mixture Grass Seed

    £17.75 KG
  • JS19 Cricket Table Renovator Grass Seed

    £11.99 KG
  • JS20 Multi-Sport Grass Seed

    £11.80 KG
  • JS21 Sports Renovator Grass Seed

    £11.65 KG
  • JS23 Super Sports Arena Grass Seed

    £11.15 KG
  • JS26 Croquet & Bowls Lawn Grass Seed

    £12.75 KG
  • JS26A Premium Croquet Lawn

    £14.99 KG
  • JS27 Light Meadow Grass Seed

    £16.75 KG
  • JS28 Rich Meadow Grass Seed Mixture

    £18.70 KG
  • JS30 Maritime Grass Seed

    £12.40 KG
  • JS31 Tall Fescue Grass Seed

    £12.25 KG
  • JS33 Cool Germination Grass Seed Mixture

    £10.50 KG
  • JS4A Slow Regrowth-Rye Grass Seed

    £11.45 KG
  • JS4B Slow Regrowth Fine Grass Seed

    £12.75 KG
  • JS6 Putting Green Grass Seed

    £14.45 KG
  • JS8 Roadside Grass Seed

    £13.75 KG
  • JS9A Reclamation Grass Seed

    £13.49 KG
  • JS9B Reclamation & Rye Grass Seed

    £13.25 KG
  • JT1 Shade Turf

  • UK Native Shady Mix – Hedgerow

  • Jubilee Family Lawn

    £10.99 KG
  • JS18 Super Lawn Grass Seed

    £12.99 KG
  • JS14 Flowering Lawn

  • JS16 Supershade Grass Seed

    £14.99 KG
  • watering a new lawn

    JS10 Super Drought

    £12.55 KG
  • Jubilee RAPID

    £10.35 KG
  • JS Special Hardwearing Grass Seed Mixture

    £11.75 KG
  • JS5 Ornamental Grass Seed

    £11.99 KG
  • JS7 Lawn Repair Grass Seed

    £10.75 KG
  • JS3 Prestige Grass Seed

    £11.65 KG
  • clover lawn seed

    Clover Lawn Seed JS11

    £21.99 KG
  • JS1 Shady Grass Seed

    £12.75 KG
  • JS12 Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture

    £11.35 KG
  • JS2 Utility Grass Seed

    £10.99 KG