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Horse Paddock Grass Seed Mixtures

Jubilee Seeds specialises in equine pasture mixtures which we have perfected by drawing on our expertise and knowledge of grass varieties and having kept our own horses – from Shetland ponies to heavy hunters – on our farm for many years.

We are thus ideally placed to have developed a range of seed blends to optimise your pasture, paddock or field. As anyone involved in equine husbandry knows, investing time and money in your pasture will reduce feed and forage costs in the long term. Good management is essential too, so we have prepared a guide to seasonal maintenance to avoid a “horse sick” pasture.

Our pasture seed mixes are available to order here online using our safe and secure check out, for fast delivery to anywhere in the UK.

When choosing a pasture seed blend to sow for your horses and ponies, be it for grazing, exercising or taking a cut of hay, there are factors to consider like the time of year; the quality of the pasture and soil type; how often the pasture is in use; how many horses are on the pasture, and their size and type; and whether they are in heavy or light work.

When developing and creating our equine seed mixes we tailor them to suit different circumstances and situations, such as our JS41 mix containing Timothy, meadow grass and mixed herbs. This blend is low in sugar, designed for laminitic horses and good doers, grows well in wet and clay soils and is very palatable for the animals.

We also offer a paddock repair kit comprised of a specialised seed mix along with our exclusive paddock fertiliser, a sure and certain fix for poached and over-grazed pasture.

If you’d like to order a bespoke equine pasture seed mix, or have any questions about our online seed service, just give us a call on 01531 825299, email or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you and your horses.

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  • JS40 Horse & Pony Paddock Grass Seed Mix

  • JS42 Mixed Herbs for Horses

    £26.00 KG
  • JS43 Fast Field Repair Grass Seed Mix

  • Managing your Horse or Ponies Pasture

  • JS41 Good Doers and Laminitics Grass Seed Mix