JS Special Hardwearing Grass Seed Mixture

JS Special Hardwearing Grass Seed Mixture

JS1 Special Hard Wearing – Does what it says on the tin. A hardwearing, fast establishing mix that becomes green very quickly. The quicker establishing seeds provide a nurse crop for the strong root network to establish and the SSMG to grow. This means you get ‘quick’ green which allows  the slower growing seeds to establish therefore making the lawn extremely hard wearing and resilient. The deep root system makes this mix extremely hard wearing as it creates a strong base and tight sward. Maintaing a visually appealing green colour all year round this lawn is tough yet attractive. A good mix for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic or children playing. Can also with stand being cut to 15mm.


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About JS Special Hardwearing Grass Seed Mixture


Sowing rate: 25g/m2 to 40g/m2
Mowing Height: Down to 15mm.

Specification:23% Maxima 10% Trophy 10% Sunbeam 2% Highland Bent 30% Esquire 25% Fancy.

With a variety of different perennial ryegrasses this mix becomes green quickly as these grasses are quick to establish. The PRG are all leafy and are quick to recover as they are a productive and persistent grass species. The SSMG is slower to establish, but the PRG acts as a cover crop for this allowing it to flourish in its own time. The SSMG is known for its drought tolerance and over all resilience adding durability and drought tolerance to the mix. The strong creeping red fescue adds strength to the base of the lawn. The roots not only grow down, but they also spread sideways. This creates a tight sward making the lawn more hard wearing as it will have a tight base.

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23% Maxima 10% Trophy 10% Sunbeam 2% Highland Bent 30% Esquire 25% Fancy


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