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JS16 Supershade Grass Seed

JS16 Supershade Grass Seed

JS16 Supershade- One of our most popular grass seed mixes. JS16 is formulated for adaptation to areas of very low light intensity and the associated stress problems of dry, compacted soils and lower nutrient availability. Unlike the JS1 Shady this mix has added POA SUPINA this increases the shade and wear tolerance meaning this mix can withstand extremely shaded areas for prolonged periods. Suitable for areas in constant shade such as building shadows and tree margins. Even though this mix is formulated to withstand shaded areas it is equally as happy in full sunlight.

Minimum Order 2kg

£14.99 KG

About JS16 Supershade Grass Seed


Uses: Lawns and Landscaping. Under tree margins, in building shadow, areas susceptible to drying out or equally happy under full sun.

Sowing rate: 25g/m2 to 40g/m2.

Mowing Height: In heavy shade Down to minimum 25mm. General mowing height: Down to minimum 15mm.

Specification: 15% Calliope Chewings fescue
15% RIDU Hard fescue
17% SMIRNA Slender creeping red fescue
40% MAXIMA Strong creeping red fescue
10% DASAS Rough stalked meadow grass
3% SUPRANOVA Poa Supina

JS16 Supershade Grass Seed – A popular grass seed mix available to buy online, JS16 is formulated to adapt to areas with very low light intensity and the associated stress of dry, compacted soils and lower nutrient availability. This high quality super shade grass seed goes a step beyond the JS1 Shady mix, having added POA SUPINA blended into it, increasing its shade and wear tolerance. It stays green, bright and dense in building shadows and tree margins – anywhere in constant shade – but is equally happy in full sunlight. Produces an easy to maintain lawn with a long active season.

For more information or to buy in bulk please call 01531 825 299 or email

Minimum Order 2kg


  1. alexander crawford

    Good quality seed and germinated well. I planted it in some sunny areas and some shaded areas in Sep 2020 and it has taken well. A bit early to see the full results, as it hasn’t really had a full season yet but it looks promising.

  2. Matteo Ferrero

    We are a professional garden services company and we recently discovered this supplier of seeds and turf and decided to give hem a go. Their customer service is excellent and their products are nothing but up to the game. we’ve been using them for a year or so now and can’t complain about one thing!
    regarding this specific product we use it regularly where we struggle with light and it’s the best supina-based mix we used so far. Despite their honesty in not advising it in overly moist condition highlighting eventual higher susceptibility of supina to fungal disease this is also the most resistant strain we ever used by a long shot. Highly recommended if you dont have light enough for a ‘normal’ lawn

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