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Spring Grass Seeds

Spring Grass Seeds

Just about all the Jubilee Seeds grass seed mixes are suitable for sowing in spring in the UK. Sowing season for grass seed actually extends from March through to September, but sowing in the summer months brings the risk of a heat wave and dry conditions, which will mean the seed will dry out if not watered regularly.

Spring grass seed sown in March or April will benefit from the showery conditions usually associated with spring weather, while the ground temperature should be around 6-8 degrees Celsius – the optimum temperature for germinating grass seed.

If you sow grass seed in the spring it should be ready for its first mowing in the summer about four to six weeks after the seeds have germinated, and the grass is about 5 to 7cm high.
Sowing grass seed laced with wild flower seeds in springtime makes a beautiful, colourful wild flower meadow.

Choose your spring grass seed from our selection of grass seed blends listed here, place your order online and we’ll deliver to your address anywhere in the UK. Our Advice Centre has plenty of information to help you sow and maintain your new lawn, or repair old lawns.

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