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Our handy guide to helping you sow the perfect patch:

Whether it’s a personal goal, to create a lawn that leaves your neighbours’ green with envy or your best friend’s paddock is in need of a little TLC, here we talk about sowing the perfect patch for your needs. We are also specialist suppliers of seed mixes for sporting use and land reclamation!

Seeds or Turf?

Although here at Jubilee Seeds & Turf, we sell both, there are a number of reasons why sowing your own seeds can be a better alternative to laying turf.

Firstly, it’s easier than you may think and much more affordable. There’s a wide range of grass seed to choose from at Jubilee to suit your requirements. You may need a fast growing and a more, hardy grass if it will get a lot of use. Or, for more, tricky/shady areas that need covering, you’ll require a more suitable seed instead. The beauty is, you can pick and choose.

Seeds are also easy to store in air tight containers which give you the freedom to plant as and when you are ready (and weather permitting of course) but best of all, although Spring is the most ideal time to sow, seeds can germinate well in Autumn too. The warm soil, high moisture and mild weather all make perfect conditions.

Turf needs to be laid immediately but it’s a good alternative if you are short on time and need to cover large areas fast. It’ll take less watering and be ready to use a lot sooner. Either way, both seeds and turf require the same preparation beforehand. This preparation is truly key to a successful lawn or paddock and that’s why we advise taking the time now, to achieve this.

How to prepare your lawn for sowing:

Prep is key. Determine the quality of your existing grass. What’s the plant density like? Is the ground well covered with no bald patches? If that’s the case – gold star! If not, don’t fret, you might need a little maintenance seeding to give your patch a boost. Make sure it’s weed free, especially from the likes of moss. Moss loves to grow in damp conditions and a few wet and cool days followed by a blast of sunshine during the winter will happily help this to grow like wildfire! It’s a lawn killer! The best way to eliminate weeds is by hand but a bit of weed killer is fine provided it’s not a residual one as it remains in the bed and restricts growth.

If it’s really bad, perhaps consider re-sowing your entire lawn.

Invest in some manure or organic matter (or you can also purchase lawn soil ready mixed) and start to turn this in to your soil. When you have done this, add a good quality fertiliser to really treat that soil and get it ready for your seeds.

If time allows, leave this freshly mixed soil to let dormant weeds germinate and then de-weed again. This will really help blitz those pesky weeds and stop them appearing through your freshly sown seeds!

Choose the right mix for your needs. Remember, durability, suitability and maintainability are important things to consider.

High quality seed is imperative to achieving great results. Our Grass seed mixtures are designed for most, lawn making and repair situations, utilising only amenity standard cultivars as opposed to agricultural seed options. All cultivars are selected from the middle to upper levels of the British Society of Plant Breeders annual Turfgrass Seed trials results and are carefully formulated to give consistent results when sown.

Visit our Seed Selector page to help you choose the best selection of Lawns and Landscaping mixes.

If you are growing for a paddock or meadow, remember, skimping on the quality is never recommended as some brands risk containing poorer quality ingredients which may mean you re sowing throughout the year. You also need to consider a more hardy mix to deal with the wear and tear. Here we have a selection of grass meadow seeds to choose from.

We also have a selection of seed ideal for sports use and Land Reclamation. You can be assured that Jubilee only supply the best quality seeds. Not only that, but you can ask our expert team or visit our advice centre for any questions you may have about achieving the perfect mix for you.

How much?

Make sure you have enough seed to cover your lawn (visit our advice centre for more information on quantity) and begin by dividing your lawn in to sections or small plots. In parallel length way rows, sow half of your total seed mix over the surface area. With the other half of the mix, repeat this across the surface in parallel width way rows. Rake the whole area to make sure the seeds are covered in soil. If the weather is dry (we can all hope!), water lightly over the course of the next 2 – 3 days. After about a week, you should start to see some germination.

Click here for our aftercare tips

Which fertiliser is best for my lawn or paddock?

We have everything you need, from bespoke seed mixes and fertiliser to a whole new patch! Just ask our expert team if you are unsure.

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Happy Sowing!