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You Whinney some, you lose some but make sure you’re not one of the neigh-sayers (sorry it had to be done!)…..The World’s most famous horse show returns to The NEC this weekend and we’ve been catching up with all the ‘Canter Banter’! For most horse lovers out there it’s one of the most anticipated dates of the equine calendar year but The Horse of the Year Show also signals the unofficial end of the equine season. It is important that your best friend’s paddock is prepared for the harsher winter months. So have you prepared for a soft landing before the fall?

Autumn and Winter are tough on pasture and so paddock preparation is vital. Here we share our top tips to make sure your ground is soft and palatable so your horses have the best environment on which to graze.

  • During Autumn months keep an eye out for falling seeds (particularly Acorns and Sycamore as these can be poisonous to your horses).
  • Be sure to top your pasture but be careful of Ragwort which can also be poisonous.
  • Rotate pastures where possible to reduce damage.
  • In order to encourage even pasture, keep the ground as free from droppings as possible, not only does this keep the ground palatable for your horses but also prevents parasites and weed growth due to un-grazed areas.
  • Test your soil to identify lacking nutrients and invest in a good fertiliser to treat your pasture.
  • Repair damaged areas of pasture with our fast growing seed mix, perfect for this time of year when time is short and before the frost sets in.

Jubilee Seeds – Quick Fix Paddock Mix!

Don’t worry if you have left it late this year, our fast growing mixes are perfect to put down now with plenty of time for a last minute patch up. Or if you are planning ahead for the Spring, now is a great time to sow a pasture ready for your horses to roam free on next year.

Our specially tailored Quick Fix Paddock Mix is designed to suit all your paddock needs and has an array of benefits such as;

  • Extremely quick establishment thanks to the Tetraploid content (perfect for cooler temperatures in Autumn).
  • Extreme durability – keeps paddocks usable throughout the winter.
  • Low sugar grasses – less risk of laminitis.
  • Horses will have better grazing and be cleaner in paddocks over winter which reduces the threat of mud fever and pulled shoes. 


  • 20% Intermediate Diploid PRG
  • 20% Late Diploid PRG
  • 20% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • 20% Dwarf PRG
  • 20% Tetraploid Dwarf PRG

Out to Pasture – Need Advice?  Feel free to talk to one of the team who will be happy to help advise you on how and when to sow and how much you may need!