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Wild Foxglove Seeds

Wild Foxglove Seeds

Wild Foxglove, a tall stem with purpley pink bell shaped flowers, a hardy flower once established. Growing up to 6ft in height, bees adore them therefore increasing wildlife activity in your garden. Also known as Digitalis Purpurea.
Plant in light, well drained soils in a shaded area. Ideal for partially shaded areas or woodlands. Self regenerating, a low maintenance addition to your garden or meadow. Dropping seeds once the flowers dry. A biennial plant, coming every other year.
Sow in summer for flowers the following summer. Flowering in June – August.



About Wild Foxglove Seeds


With pink bell shaped flowers growing up to 1.2m in height. Can be planted in meadows, pots, borders and woodlands, anywhere with light, sandy soils in partial shade. Sow in Spring or Autumn for flowers the following year. A biennial plant, flowering every other year. Flower from June through to August. Approximately 5000 seeds in 1g. All wildflower mixes benefit the environment and the wider ecosystem. These flowers are beneficial to a vast variety of wildlife. Specifically they will attract ladybirds, butterflies and bees, just some of the species you can expect to see. Also known as Digitalis Purpurea.

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