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Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser

Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser

Mycostart Fertiliser

A bespoke fertiliser designed to aid in the fast establishment and maintenance of turf. Also used to plant trees and shrubs in the garden. A unique mix of Amino Acids (11.2%), organic matter, sugars, trace elements and mycorrihzal fungi. Encouraging root development, with slow release nitrogen.


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About Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser


Here at Jubilee Seeds & Turf we are all for doing things naturally, but that doesn’t mean we’re averse to giving nature a helping hand. We’ve designed the Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser to do just that, giving your newly laid turf or just-planted grass seed a strong, healthy start to life and making sure it is maintained once the lawn is established.

This bespoke fertiliser is made of organic matter combined with Mycorrizhal fungi. This root fungi is the special ingredient, which colonises the roots of plants (including grasses) in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, which allows the roots to extend far into the soil absorbing nutrients and water more effectively than they would on their own.

When the Mycorrizhal fungi combine with the roots the surface area of the root system is increased, significantly aiding turf establishment.

Our Mycostart Fertiliser also has a slow release nitrogen component, and is made using a sugar refining process, meaning it is a natural product, safe to use anywhere in the garden.

Spread at a rate of 40g per square metre on to areas to be seeded or turfed, and rake in. As a grass maintenance aid you can apply it to the top of the grass during the growing season without fear of it having a bad smell or scorching the surface of the turf.

Order magical Mycostart Fertiliser for delivery to your door anywhere in the UK, together with your grass seed or turf, and look forward to a luscious lawn.

Spreading Rate: 40g/m2

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