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JS8 Roadside Grass Seed

JS8 Roadside Grass Seed

JS8 Roadside – Grasses specifically selected to be low maintenance therefore perfect for roadsides. The grasses in this mix can also withstand periods of drought making them perfect for exposed embankments.

Minimum Order 2kg

£11.25 KG

About JS8 Roadside Grass Seed


Sowing rate:20gms/metre square
Mowing Height: As required

Specification: 25% ESQUIRE Perennial ryegrass 20% MAXIMA Creeping red fescue 30% RIDU Hard fescue 10% SUNBEAM Smooth stalked meadow grass 10% HIGHLAND Browntop bentgrass 5% RIVENDEL White clover.

JS8 Roadside Grass Seed  – We’ve formulated this high quality grass seed mix using specially selected low maintenance grasses that can withstand periods of drought, making them perfect for exposed embankments and roadsides. Perfectly happy in sun or shade, this mix is undaunted by poor soils, all the species included in the mix recognised for their ability to create a dense and strong root system. This grass will tolerate mowing at any height, and is highly resistant to disease. Buy as much roadside grass mix as you need online now for sowing in special landscaping situations.

For more information or to buy in bulk please call 01531 825 299 or email

Minimum Order 2kg


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