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JS5 Ornamental Grass Seed

JS5 Ornamental Grass Seed

JS5 Ornamental – A mixture to create a fine dense lawn that requires little maintenance. With good disease resistance and a high wear tolerance this slower growing mixture provides a lush green lawn that requires less mowing. With grasses able to tolerate being mown down to 15mm the lawn requires less input overall. Reduced need for watering and fertiliser also makes this mix cost effective. Ideal for creating a lawn that looks good, but that also has the wear tolerance to be used and enjoyed.

Minimum Order 2kg

£11.00 KG

About JS5 Ornamental Grass Seed


Uses: Lawns and Landscaping. Tolerates semi-shady and drier conditions. Golf Roughs.
Sowing rate: 35g/m2 to 50 g/m2
Mowing Height: Down to 15mm.

Specification: 20% CALLIOPE Chewings fescue 10% SMIRNA Slender creeping red fescue 65% MAXIMA Strong creeping red fescue 5% HIGHLAND Browntop bent grass.

JS5 Ornamental Grass SeedThis super grass seed mix produces a lush, fine, dense green lawn that is low maintenance but high on aesthetics. It is not only a lawn that looks good, but its also tolerant of wear and tear, so no “Keep off the Grass” signs needed! It can be readily used and enjoyed. Buy the ornamental grass seed mix online for a cost-effective lawn that is slow-growing, and needs minimal watering and fertiliser. The mix contains grasses all selected for their fine leaves and dense shoots including Browntop bent grass which gives it winter resilience.

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Minimum Order 2kg


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