JS43 Fast Field Repair Mix

JS43 Fast Field Repair Mix

Fast field repair, does what it says on the bag.
A mixture of Nu Sprint and Agricultural Perennial Ryegrass providing a fast solution to improve tired and worn out paddocks. Perfect for patching up poached areas or just general tidying up in gateways, alongside fences and around feeders and water troughs. Can be used for over seeding or paddock renovations in targetted areas. Nu Sprint is one of the fastest growing grasses available, it makes paddocks green quickly and acts as a nurse crop for the other grasses in the mix. Agricultural PRG is included as this is a persisent and productive grass that can withstand extensive grazing. The Vertech is included to add strength to the sward as it produces a tight, strong sward with a deep root sytsem for a stable base. Available in handy 5kg bags for ease of use. JS43 can be used to overseed entire paddocks, but we would reccommend using our JS40 mix as this is a more specific long term paddock mix.


About JS43 Fast Field Repair Mix


Specification: 33% Early Dip Rye Grass 33% Vertech PRG 34% Nusprint Annual Rye. Sowing rate: 14kg per acre or can be used for patching. Fast Field Repair contains:
Nu Sprint which is one of the fastest growing grasses available
Agricultural Perennial Ryegrass for grazing purposes
Turf Perennial Ryegrass to strengthen the sward.
There are lots of options to look at when trying to improve your grazing. We would recommend JS40 Horse and Pony for overseeding using the recommended sowing rate of 14Kgs per acre for really improving and strengthening your existing sward and to add extra diversity JS42 Mixed Herbs. Sold in 5kg Bags for ease of use when patching up you paddocks. For more information or to buy in bulk please call 01531 825 299 or email sales@jubileeseeds.co.uk


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