JS42 Mixed Herbs for Horses

JS42 Mixed Herbs for Horses

A specifically selected mixture of herbs to compliment your horses diet.

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About JS42 Mixed Herbs for Horses


JS42 Mixed Herbs for Horses.

Herbs have been used throughout the years in human and animal medicine for a number of reasons. The herbs chosen for this mix are specifically selected for their benefits for horses. From trace minerals and elements to helping circulation. Mixed Herbs are the natural pick me up and a fantastic addition to your horses grazing, boosting the diversity and complimenting your horses diet.


Sheeps Burnet
Sheeps Parsley

Why add JS42 to your pasture?

Yarrow: One of the most useful herbs for senior, laminitic and horses and ponies that suffer with Navicular because it helps with circulation.
Ribgrass: A deep rooted herb that will lift trace elements from the soil some of which are essential for nutrition.
Chicory: Contain some essential minerals required by horses (Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Zinc and Sodium)
Sheeps Burnet: Highly nutritious
Sheeps Parsley: Increase plant diversity
Sainfoin: A highly palatable perennial herb with anthelmintic properties. Sainfoin is a source of naturally occurring copper which will help keep bones, tendons and joints healthy.

We sell our JS42 in 1Kg packs which is enough to seed 1 acre.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Burnet Grazing Chicory Ribgrass Yarrow Sheeps Parsley Sainfoin


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