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JS30 Maritime Grass Seed

JS30 Maritime Grass Seed

JS30 Maritime – Tolerant of salt laden winds JS30 will help to maintain vegetation on slopes and flat areas alike and consequently helps to reduce the effects of coastal erosion on our shores. The grasses selected for this mix will create a strong root system that helps strengthen soils and means they are very tolerant of the harsh conditions on the coast. Ideal for coastal properties or areas of conservation where soil erosion is an issue. Being able to tolerate harsh conditions this mix can also be adapted to other areas where harsh conditions are experienced.

Minimum Order 2kg

£11.50 KG

About JS30 Maritime Grass Seed


Uses: Coastal areas, dry soils, salt laden soils.

Sowing Rate: 25g/m2 to 40 g/m2

Specification: 20% ESQUIRE Perennial Ryegrass 20% SAMANTA Slender creeping red fescue 35% MAXIMA Creeping Red Fescue 20% RIDU Hard Fescue 2.5% KRONI Creeping Bent 2.5% HIGHLAND Browntop Bent.

JS30 Maritime – Just the thing for beside the seaside! Our salt wind tolerant Maritime grass seed mix helps to maintain vegetation on slopes and flat areas alike, helping to reduce the effects of coastal erosion. The grasses included in this mix create a strong root system, strengthening the soil and gipping tight in harsh conditions. Despite being hardy this mix will produce an attractive lawn made up of fine leafed grasses that flourishes even in sandy, nutrient poor soil. Available to buy online, this maritime grass seed mix is perfect for coastal properties or conservation areas.

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Minimum Order 2kg


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