JS27 Light Meadow Grass Seed

JS27 Light Meadow Grass Seed

JS27 Light Meadow – An attractively natural-looking mixture of amenity grasses. Fine- leaved, short growing and low competitive species. Producing a slow growing sward as a result requiring the least cutting. This mixture, when sown at low rates will produce an ‘open-textured’ sward, ideal for the establishment of wild flora, whether from seed or plugs. This mixture is particularly suited to the establishment of golf roughs or any other conservation area.

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About JS27 Light Meadow Grass Seed


Sowing rate: 6g/m2 to 8 g/m2 without the inclusion of wild flora or 3g/m2 with the addition of wild flora. Add wild flower seed at a rate of 1gms/Metre square.

Specification:30% CAPRICCIO chewings fescue Festuca rubra ssp commutata
25%RIDU hard fescue Festuca longifoila
25% SAMANTA slender creeping red fescue Festuca rubra ssp. litoralis
15% BORNITO sheeps fescue Festuca ovina
5% BROWNTOP bentgrass Agrostis castelliana

JS27 Light Meadow Grass Seed – This grass seed mixture, sown at a low rate, produces an open textured sward of attractive, natural-looking amenity grasses. This grass seed mix, available to buy online, is ideal for for the establishment of a wild flower meadow – just add in wild flora seed if desired, or you can also plant wild flower plugs. The grass mix is slow growing, fine leaved and low so won’t overshadow the wild flowers. This meadow mix – with or without wild flowers – is perfect for establishing golf roughs and great for conservation gardens.

For more information please call 01531 825 299 or email sales@jubileeseeds.co.uk.

Minimum Order 2kg


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