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JS12 Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture

JS12 Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture

JS12 Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture – JS12 an economical seed mixture excluding ryegrass. Containing slower growing, finer-textured grass species. Creates a low tight sward as a result requiring less mowing and fertiliser. Produces an attractive fine lawn able to tolerate light shading. Suitable for semi-wild areas such as a woodland gate or a hedgerow. Low maintenance at an economical cost.

Minimum Order 2kg

£11.35 KG

About JS12 Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture


It’s not just cheap and great value for money, but our Economy Fine Grass Seed Mixture is also cheerful.  It establishes well and easily to create a low maintenance, gloriously green lawn.

This budget grass seed mix doesn’t contain ryegrass. It is made up of creeping red fescue and chewings fescue in a 70% to 30% ratio. This combination makes for a slower growing but fine-textured grass, which forms a low, tight sward. This means less mowing and decreased requirement for fertilising. The result is an attractive, fine lawn that is tolerant of light shade, dry conditions and grows well in semi-wild areas, including woodland gates or hedgerows.

This top value grass seed can be sowed at between 25g to 40g a square metre, and mowed down to 15mm.

You can order Economy Fine Grass Seed here online for delivery to anywhere in the UK. The minimum order for this grass seed mix is 2kg. We have special rates for trade customers who buy in bulk; just get in touch on 01531 825 299 or email to let us know your requirements.

Uses: Semi-wild areas, woodland gate and hedgerows.
Sowing rate: 25g/m2 to 40g/m2
Mowing Height: Down to 15mm.
Specification: 70% MAXIMA Creeping red fescue & 30% CALLIOPE Chewings fescue
Minimum Order: 2kg

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

70% MAXIMA Creeping red fescue 30% CALLIOPE Chewings fescue


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