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JS1 Shady Grass Seed

JS1 Shady Grass Seed

JS1 Shady – Formulated for adaptation to areas of lower light intensity and the associated stress problems of dry, compacted soils and lower nutrient availability. Recent research has demonstrated that Rough stalked meadow grass copes well with cold and shade as a result making it suited to shaded areas. Ideal for gardens which are in shade for the majority of the day or for areas that are shaded. Building shadows or beneath trees are also suitable areas to plant JS1. If you shaded areas are very dark or get little to no light then our JS16 Supershade would be better suited.

Minimum Order 2kg

£11.49 KG

About JS1 Shady Grass Seed


Uses: Lawns and Landscaping. Under tree margins, in building shadow, areas susceptible to drying out or equally happy under full sun.
Sowing rate: 35g/m2 50g/m2
Mowing Height: In heavy shade Down to minimum 25mm. General mowing height: Down to minimum 15mm.

Specification: 15% CALLIOPE Chewings fescue
15% RIDU Hard fescue
15% SAMANTA Slender creeping red fescue
40% MAXIMA Strong creeping red fescue
10% DASAS Rough stalked meadow grass
5% HIGHLAND Browntop bent grass.

JS1 Shady Grass Seed  – We’ve formulated this grass seed mix, available to buy online, specially to provide lawn covering for areas of lower light intensity with the associated stress factors of dry, compacted soils and lower nutrient availability. The inclusion of rough stalked meadow grass, which copes well with cold and shade, in the predominantly fescue mix makes this formulation ideal under tree margins or in building shadows. The Shady mix is, however, just as content under full sun.

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Minimum Order 2kg


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