Field Poppies Seeds

Field Poppies Seeds

Also known as Papaver Rhoeas, field poppies are one of the most iconic wildflowers. An annual flower reaching heights of up to 75cm therefore attracting bees and insects to your garden or meadow.
Adding a splash of red from June to August making your garden even more beautiful. Producing seeds from July onwards. Dead flowers should be removed however a few should be left at the end of the season. Leaving these allows for self seeding for the next season.
Sow early Spring in fertile light soils in full sun.



About Field Poppies Seeds


A tall striking red flower growing up to 60cm in height. Can be planted in meadows and borders, anywhere with light fertile soils in full sun. Sow in Spring or Autumn for flowers the same year. Flower from June through to August. Approximately 5000 seeds in 1g. All wildflower mixes benefit the environment and the wider ecosystem. These flowers are beneficial to a vast variety of wildlife. Specifically they will attract bees as they are a good nectar source, bees including Bumblebees, Sweat Bees and a variety of beetles, are just some of the species you can expect to see. Poppies are mainly pollenated by beetles. Also known as Papaver Rhoeas.

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