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Exotic Bee Mix

Exotic Bee Mix

Exotic Bee Mix – The Bees favourite wildflowers. A mixture of wildflowers that have been specially selected to attract bees into your garden. Bright colours, nectar rich and of varying heights for an all summer display of colour. With wildflowers from different parts of the world that will flower all summer long and even into winter, weather allowing. Non native flowers are a beneficial addition to any garden attracting pollinating insects and adding lots of colour and interest. Regardless of origin the more flowers you have in your garden the greater number of insects. With 10 wildflowers species, this mix offers a variety of colours, height and layers to any area where planted. The flowers range from whites through to blues and will flower May through to August the following year after they are established. When sowing your seeds it is best to spread on to bare soil, do not add any soil improvements as this is not necessary for wildflowers. The sowing rate for Exotic Bee Mix is 2g/m2. Sand can be added to the seed mix to make it easier to achieve the correct sowing rate. These mixes can be added to existing grass land as long as there is no perennial rye grass present as this will over power any flowers. We only supply responsibly sourced wildflowers. See our advice centre for establishment and maintenance advice.


About Exotic Bee Mix


A mixture of flowers from around the world that attract bees and other pollinators. These flowers are very appealing to bees as they are good source of nectar and pollen. Varying in height and colours this mix is guaranteed to attract bees and brighten wherever planted. A contrast of purples and whites are provided in this mix. The flowers that make this mix are: Borage, Cornflower, Globe Thistle, Wallflower, Californian Poppy, Love in a Mist, Coneflower, Pheasant’s Eye, Evening Primrose and Verbena.

All wildflower mixes benefit the environment and the wider ecosystem. The flowers in this mix are beneficial to a vast variety of wildlife. Specifically they will attract honey bees, Buff-tailed Bumblebee, Common Carder Bee, Red-tailed Bumblebee, White-tailed Bumblebees. Just some of the species you can expect to see.

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Borage Cornflower Globe Thistle Wallflower Californian Poppy Love in a Mist Coneflower Pheasant's Eye Evening Primrose Verbena


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