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Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser

Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser

Mycostart Fertiliser

A bespoke fertiliser designed to aid in the fast establishment and maintenance of turf. Also used to plant trees and shrubs in the garden. A unique mix of Amino Acids (11.2%), organic matter, sugars, trace elements and mycorrihzal fungi. Encouraging root development, with slow release nitrogen.


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About Jubilee Mycostart Fertiliser


A bespoke fertiliser made using organic matter combined with Mycorrizhal fungi. The Mycorrizhal fungi benefits all plants in the garden. Its name simply means root fungi and it has a symbiotic relationship with grass. The fungi combine with the roots and encourages them to grow down and develop a strong root system. When combined with the roots, the surface area of the root system is increased. Therefore increasing the uptake of nutrients and water from the soil. A unique fungi aiding turf establishment that can be safely used at a later date to help maintenance. Can be safely used on turf as it does not scorch. As well as encouraging root growth and establishment it can also aid in root repair.

There is no bad smell, so another reason to use on the surface of the turf. For best results lay underneath the turf. This gives the roots the most exposure and helps them to establish quicker. Mycostart also has slow release nitrogen, therefore continues to benefit turf, trees or even shrubs for a substantial period of time. Made from the sugar refining process means it is a natural product and therefore safe to use across the garden. Designed specifically for speed of establishment a mixture of trace elements and growth hormones are also included to get the best results from your turf.

Rake into newly seeded areas, apply to the top of grass, spread under turf before laying or include when planting trees.

Spreading Rate: 40g/m2

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